Pro Bono

Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam considers it important to provide legal assistance to all – even those who are less well off. Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam is therefore happy to help employees on the basis of a subsidy under the Legal Aid Act. In cases of employment disputes, the legislature has stipulated that, in order to protect (potentially vulnerable) employees, there should be no financial barriers to them being able to get legal assistance from a lawyer. It is therefore possible for Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam to provide you with legal assistance on the basis of a subsidy. We can discuss this in more detail in the intake interview. For further information on the income and capital amounts applicable to subsidised legal aid, please visit the Legal Aid Council’s website.

Hight trust Arbeidsrecht amsterdam

High trust – transparency, trust, understanding. This office works with the Legal Aid Council based on High Trust.

Fixed Fee

Some matters lend themselves to a ‘fixed fee’. In that case, you will pay a fixed fee for the handling of the whole case. This gives clarity, in advance, on the total cost. If it is not possible to assess in advance how much work needs to be done, the case cannot be dealt with on the basis of a fixed fee.

Hourly rate

Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam assists you at competitive rates. Employees can use Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam’s services from €150 excluding VAT per hour and advances. Employers can use Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam’s services from €180 excluding VAT per hour and advances. Of course, the first call is free of charge. Before Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam carries out billable work for you, you will first receive a written engagement letter. In addition, you will receive a structural hourly overview. Thus, you will not get a surprise at the end.

Legal aid insurance

Have you taken out legal aid insurance? In that case you have the right to choose your own lawyer, at the insurer’s expense, if you are involved in a judicial or administrative procedure. That is what the Court of Justice of the European Union has decided. You also have this right to freely choose a lawyer if it is not mandatory to engage a lawyer (e.g. cases before the sub-district court). The Court of Justice has ruled that dismissal proceedings before the UWV are considered an ‘administrative procedure’. In that case, too, you have the right to choose a lawyer yourself, at the insurer’s expense.

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