What do clients say about Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam

Tabitha F.

Janna is correct, helpful and not passive. Always available for questions (however insignificant) and clear information. Janna makes you feel like you're "in good hands." Janna explained the different options well, so I could make the right choice. In the end, a good result was achieved without it costing me much effort or energy (also mentally). Janna is very understanding and creates confidence. Janna, thank you so much for your help lately! These aren't really things you normally consider "layman," so it's nice that someone was behind me advising me and giving me a helping hand."

Gwendolyn G.

"I really enjoyed janna being very accommodating and understanding. I came to Janna with a legal matter and she immediately indicated whether the possibilities are available and immediately had an answer ready about how the law should go and what the best solution for my situation was. Janna really immersed himself in the way things were going, came up with solutions and advice on how best to deal with it. Janna, of course, first tried to find a solution outside the court, unfortunately the opposing party did not cooperate, which turned it into a court case. I was kept well informed of the state of play. Also, it was very nice that Janna was my lawyer. I have always considered the contact to be customer-friendly and professional. I have not experienced any negatives in my collaboration with Janna. Before I started the case I was unsure about the chances of success because of course it is difficult to take on a company as an individual. From the very first moment Janna has removed this uncertainty from me. Janna was clear that the chance of losing is always present, but Janna managed to keep me motivated."

Bert S.

Janna is friendly, correct and loves short lines. She keeps in close contact and is approachable. She spoke to me without an appointment, either. Janna answered emails quickly.

Ike A.

Janna has empathy, decisiveness and tact. Janna was worried that I wouldn't cut myself short when I threw in the towel because of emotions caused by burnout. Janna keeps an eye on your client's interest and solves it in business. Janna is open, purposeful and decisive continues until the client is satisfied.

Alida S.

Janna is very approachable, social and pleasant to deal with. Quick response time to questions and appointments. Smooth communication and asks clear questions to fully map the problem. In addition, also patiently, Janna takes the time to listen to your client's story. Janna has a clear and sharp way of communicating with client and counterparty. Janna keeps coming up with new arguments to make the other party realize that they are not in their right. In addition, Janna has been a good motivator for me not to give up and continue until we have achieved the desired result. Janna is feisty, is 100% committed to achieving the best result without losing sight of the client's wishes.

Joyce K.

Janna is easy to approach, responds quickly to emails and can be reached for telephone calls. Janna quickly sees the possibilities that can be addressed in the process and she is decisive. Janna explains clearly what the possibilities are, negative and positive. By working with Janna I felt strong in "the fight" and gave that the best result for me. Janna's way of working is very pleasant. She is accessible and clear in the conversation and strives for the best result. If I ever need legal help again, I'll approach you again.

Etskmar K.

The experience was perfect with Janna! She helped me in a labor dispute. Janna asked very clearly about what I wanted to achieve and that result was achieved. Janna gave a lot of attention to the case. The direct accessibility brought me a lot of peace and gave me the assurance that someone was on my side. Janna communicates clearly and is friendly. The result was great!"

Ilse J

Janna always called back and with surrounding things Janna always helped me super. Janna dives into the case. She tells us where it stands, and helps with all the questions.

Lesley G.

Janna is very clear about the plan of action. Janna is very professional and that immediately gave me confidence. Janna has clearly stated what my rights & duties are and how the desired result can be achieved. She's steadfast! Janna is very customer friendly, listens and communicates well and she is an open person. This makes Janna approachable for the client and not "madam's lawyer". Janna is Janna and that's very nice. Janna is PROFESSIONAL and the friendly "Janna the lawyer", top!

Denzell H.

Janna listens to the customer well, is energetic and purposeful and strives to get everything out of it that can be gained from it. Janna is smooth and active and immediately catches the bull by the horns!
Janna, be sure to keep going!!

Shammy S.

Janna has really been at the heart of the problem. She knows without too much explanation what the problem is. She gives good explanations and knows how to get the right points out. Janna has assisted me to my full satisfaction. Janna is decisive, efficient and clear.

Yvette R.

The qualities that suit Janna are care and correctness. She shows empathy, is kind and clear. Janna has worked very well to represent my interests. Janna is thoughtful and steadfast. I am happy with the result and I am super happy that Janna has defended my interests."


I got in touch with Mrs. Mr. Janna Kouvarnta. More than 7 months later, 22 June 2018, another conflict arises with my employer. My case has been resolved and closed to my full satisfaction and I feel liberated and relieved. With it for me, by Ms. Mr. Janna Kouvarnta. Hats off! I couldn't have wished for a better lawyer. Driven, open, honest, extremely high level of knowledge, reasonable in price calculations, at the same time extremely welcoming and helpful, no effort too much. You immediately feel welcome and at home with her and know that you are in good hands. You don't have to take care of anything anymore, no, she does that for you with a passion for her profession, which I have not experienced before in this profession. Mw. Mr. Janna Kouvarnta and success. A TOPDUO!

Ron C

Janna's most valuable qualities are her knowledge of business, determination and short lines of communication. By applying her inventiveness and putting pressure on the other side, I have been greatly helped by her to achieve the desired result. As a customer, you immediately know where you stand. She always responds immediately to questions and writing from the opposing party. What a lovely experience! I am very satisfied with her approach and achieved results.

Suzanne F.

I really liked how you managed to reassure me in this case. It was easy for me to talk to you because of your open and friendly attitude. You have made the most of the case for me, despite the burden I have experienced from an employer. I am very happy with the result. Thank you so much for that! Through all your hard work in representing my interests in this. I was glad to have met you.

Kevin M.

I have experienced my collaboration with Janna as very pleasant. Janna was always there for me. She responds very quickly to mail and phone. Also, you can always make an appointment with her at very short notice. Janna is very skilled and always acts appropriately. She also gives very good advice. She's not just looking at the file legally, she's looking at what it's doing to you personally.

Derrel T.

Janna is honest and decisive. She managed to convince me by choosing an option that was least obvious, and was the most advantageous for us. She is pragmatic and thinks along with the customer. Thank you again very much for the work done.

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