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Dismissal specialist in Amsterdam Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam is an initiative of Janna Kouvarnta, a lawyer with more than 12 years’ experience in employment law and, in particular, dismissal law. Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam can assist you in all matters relating to dismissal law such as summary dismissal, termination of the employment contract and an amicable termination of employment with a settlement agreement. Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam can also help you through a reorganisation, negotiation of a severance payment, calculation of a transition payment, non-compete clause, obligation to give notice and the drafting of a settlement agreement. Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam assists both employees and employers. Short lines of communication and efficiency A dismissal situation is very unpleasant one for both the employer [...]

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Employment Law Lawyer Amsterdam

Employment Law Lawyer Amsterdam Employment law Amsterdam specialises in employment law, especially in dismissal law. We advise and litigate in a wide range of cases, both in the case of collective dismissal and individual dismissal. Contact Employment Law Lawyer Amsterdam today by filling in the form below and sending it or via the [email protected] Calling +31633420565 or WhatsApp is also possible. We'd love to hear from you

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